ES52 Autostart Engine Controller

For Diesel and Gas Engines

The ES52 is designed to provide  autostart control and protection for all types of diesel and gas engine-driven equipment. The module is epoxy sealed in an ultra-compact package with mounting compatibility to an industry standard footprint. The module is easily configured using on-board DIP switches and potentiometer adjustments.

  • Epoxy sealed for protection against vibration, shock, and moisture.
  • Multi-Function Timer Output: Pre-heat, Slow, Airgate, & Choke.
  • Warm-up Timer Output.
  • Detects lost speed signal.
  • Zero speed restart prevents starter pinion wear.
  • 5-Year Warranty.

Simple Installation and Servicing

  • Plug-in Terminals with no wire crimping required.
  • 20A Removable Relays and fuses eliminate slave relays and external fusing.
  • Works with Mag Pickup, Alternator or Genset Output (300V max).
  • Field Settings with potentiometers and DIP switches.
  • Setup mode for quick calibration.


  • The ES52 also offers the following features available by special order. Please contact DynaGen for details.
  • Preset Calibration with Fixed Settings to prevent tampering
  • Under-speed shutdown
  • Mid-heat & Post-heat functions (during and after cranking)
  • Cool-down timer
  • Pull/Hold Coil control for fuel solenoid
  • Momentary inputs for multiple start/stop locations
  • Inputs for Photocell start/stop control


Operating Voltage

  • 7 to 32 VDC continuous
  • Standby Current Draw: 12mA
  • Surge Withstand: 1500V for 250μS
  • Reverse Polarity Protected

Operating Temperature

  • -40 to +85°C


  • Dimensions: 3.3”H x 3.3”W x 1.8”D
  • Weight: 0.67 lbs
  • Industry standard mounting configuration
  • Eurostyle removable connectors

Speed Sensing (user selectable sensing ranges)

  • Magnetic pickup: 1V to 300V
  • Generator Output: Up to 300VAC direct
  • Accepts Tach signal from belt driven alternators
  • Loss of Speed signal protection during cranking and running (can be disabled while cranking)

Failure Inputs

  • Low oil pressure failure* (closed on failure)
  • High engine temp failure* (closed on failure)
  • Auxiliary failure* (closed on failure)
  • *Failure inputs can close to either +battery or ground. All failure inputs are ignored for a period of 15 seconds at engine startup.


  • Fuel & Crank: 20A high capacity replaceable automotive relays
  • – Switched to battery positive
  • – 12 or 24 VDC battery system (select appropriate relay for system voltage)
  • Short circuit & overload protection on annunciation outputs (rated 300max)